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they keep me (in)sane
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Watchmen: shadows

Why did I have to see Seven Psychopaths after yuletide nominations closed. This movie hit every one of my narrative and emotional buttons. I want fic more desperately than I can say. I'd also like some really good meta about race and gender and things too. The internet is a black hole when it comes to this film. Tumblr is a million half-assed reviews and people posting the same three pictures over and over. This is the only time I've even gone through and looked at the backlog of a tumblr tag. That's what this movie did to me.

Is anyone else better at finding fandoms than I am?
22nd-Oct-2012 10:28 am - Yuletide Letter '12
Calvin&Hobbes: Yay
Dear Yuletide Author,

Thanks so SO much in advance! If you're clever and brave enough to offer to write in any of the fandoms below I'm sure I'll absolutely love what you've written. I've done Yuletide for a few years now and it's one of my favorite things about the holiday season. Just knowing that you've crafted a fic specifically with me in mind is enough to make me giddy. Relax. Have fun. Go where your imagination takes you. That's how you'll write the best and most enjoyable fic you can.

I like all sorts of fic, though I do have a soft-spot for some of the following: character studies; fic exploring super-close, potentially unhealthy relationships (see Breaking Bad and all the things it does to me); fic featuring queer characters, or reinterpreting (queering) a character's sexuality or gender. I like smut, or romance (as long as it's not too saccharine or OOC), or gen. I prefer my fic to fit within bounds of canon, and not to be something that could potentially be jossed by the show. (Like I'd prefer if anything written for Breaking Bad occurred during what had already aired, but with The Wire I'd love something post-show because there's nothing official left to add to canon); I love cross-overs (and I think The Wire and Breaking Bad are practically begging for one. I've tried to write it once and failed. This is what I get for loving shows that are too smart for me.) I'm a sucker for angst.

Cons: mpreg, the usual squicks i.e. water-sports, extreme S&M etc, holiday themed fic, I don't like genderswap of the alwaysagirl/boy kind but trans or gender queer interpretations are interesting.

Things are pretty well tagged in this journal and everything's public, so feel free to go poking around, as well as taking a look at the fics I've written for past Yuletides if you're so inclined.

Details about specific fandoms behind the cut.

Read more...Collapse )
Finally, I'll say it once more. Thank you! Have fun! Happy Yuletide!
18th-Sep-2012 01:26 am - A Question about A Town Called Mercy
DW: Two and Jaime
I am so bad at updating this thing it is entirely laughable. But this thing has been bugging me about Saturday's Doctor Who, and I didn't know where else to turn for discussion/an answer.

Why was the ship that Jex crashed in essentially a prison transport? Wasn't he running away from the Gunslinger? Why would he do that in a ship that was designed to keep its passenger in captivity? It was never implied that Jex's people put him in prison, it was just the Gunslinger with the glitch that wanted him and his team dead. Right? Did I miss something? (Also, was he really the only "doctor" on that team? Really?)
24th-Aug-2012 05:25 pm - Yet another blog.
Calvin&Hobbes: Yay
I know, I know I've been gone forever. But I'm coming back. Really. And in the mean time I've started a whole new place to ramble in. I'm wandering around the country for awhile, sharing rides and catching buses and sleeping on couches. Seeing and hearing and doing new things. I'm chronicling them all, or trying to at Fictionalized Highways, so stop over and take a peek if you want to know where I am!

(Also, oh God, I just caught up on Breaking Bad today. I don't know if I'm going to be able to watch Walt be such an asshole too much longer. Albuquerque is still definitely one of the places I want to get to on this adventure though.)
Breaking Bad: Peekaboo
I know, you thought I'd forgotten about this little project, didn't you? Nope. Turns out I'm just a super procrastinator when it comes to posting, almost as much of a procrastinator as I am about writing. Luckily these are just long enough to get written in one register shift, so I've been managing to keep up okay.

Season Two Episodes Seven 'Negro y Azul' through Thirteen 'ABQ'Collapse )
31st-Mar-2012 05:51 pm - I'm still obsessed with Breaking Bad
Breaking Bad: Peekaboo
I've been trying to be really good about shipping Walt/Jesse. I've been trying to keep it locked up in the corner of my mind where I put things that I feel vaguely guilty about, that I feel like I'm just reading too much into it's just me reading too much into things and I'm fine with that, because it still provides great amounts of entertainment. (I've got a whole document full of my head canon for them, that maybe, some day, I will be able to turn into a fic that does the show justice.)

I'm rewatching the series now, and the commentaries and special features for the first time, and they are not helping me be reasonable about Walt and Jesse's gloriously dysfunctional relationship. At. All. In the commentary track on '4 Days Out' they keep talking about how they shot the Walt/Sklyer scenes like the Walt/Jesse scenes, framing them the same way, etc. Vince Gilligan, the freaking show-runner, even refers to Jesse and Walt as post-coital at one point! And then, in the little making-of thing for 'Pheonix' they compare the Jane/Jesse/Walt dynamic to a love triangle!

This show wants me to ship it. From here on out I absolve myself of any shipping guilt.
DW: Starry Night
So, part two of my continuing attempts to write a drabble for every episode of Breaking Bad are under the cut. Again, they're pretty Jesse centric, with an unnamed character or two cropping up, and some Walter/Jesse if you squint.

Episodes One 'Seven Thirty-Seven' through Six 'Peekaboo'Collapse )
21st-Feb-2012 04:40 pm - Breaking Bad Drabbles, Season One
DS9: reality
So, uh, I've been rewatching Breaking Bad, because no other show is quite managing to stand up to it. (Don't worry, I'm keeping up with Walking Dead, Fringe, et al. as well.) To make myself feel a little better about spending time in this endeavor I've written a drabble for every episode. Finished Season One the other day so... here they are.

They're mainly Jesse centric. There's really vague Walt/Jesse, and a mention of past Badger/Jesse.

Season One DrabblesCollapse )
DS9: reality
Breaking Bad

Breaking Bad


Jesse Pinkman needs someone to cuddle him

Breaking Bad

Walt you're such a dick


Breaking Bad

Wait... I want to cuddle Jesse Pinkman

.......BREAKING BAD!!!

I want Jesse and Walt to make out. What? When did that happen? Stop being a creepster brain!


breaking bad

Walt! Stop being such an asshole!

Breaking Bad.


Breaking Bad.

ding ding ding ding

Breaking Bad.

Someone help?
18th-Nov-2011 12:24 pm - Yuletide Letter '11
DW: Donna "brilliant"
Dear Yuletide Author,

Everyone says it every year but I really will be so pleased to receive any sort of story in any of the fandoms listed below. Really. Seeing tiny fandoms get love is thrill-inducing all on it's own and any way you choose to play with the canons below will probably turn me into a puddle of glee. Relax and have fun. Please.

Two seconds in this journal will reveal my obsession with extremely-close-male-friendships that border on the homoerotic, and that obsession is definitely what prompted two of these requests (and possibly all four if you look close enough). My tastes in romance do tend toward the non-heteronormative (however that plays out) but if that's not your thing don't worry about it, because I love me some gen, too, and most of my requests lend themselves toward gen anyway.

It's really all about the characters in the end.

More about the specific requestsCollapse )
15th-Nov-2011 11:01 am(no subject)
DW: Ten sees the world differently
I almost missed the window to nominate fandoms for Yuletide, which would have been disastrous cuz it turns out this year--unlike every other year I've done it--I actually want things that no one else bothered to want. Anyway, this scare will keep me paying closer attention to the internet for about a week at least. I hope.

Also, saw J. Edgar on Friday (as well as Immortals, but I don't want to talk about that. Damnit Tarsem Singh, why can't you go back to making good but fiscally irresponsible movies again?). I was not prepared for J. Edgar at all. It was really good. I don't know what's wrong with all the critics who are complaining about the interesting narrative structure and artful lighting. Also, uh, it pushed all of my homoerotic-close-male-friendship buttons to the extreme. Anyway, you should go see it because it's good and then maybe it'll have the tiniest of fandoms. (If not there's always the aforementioned Yuletide I suppose.)
3rd-Nov-2011 04:26 pm(no subject)
Firefly: Bunk
I have fallen head over heels in love with a new fandom in a way that I didn't think I even could any more. Thinking about it at work stops me from wanting to kill customers. I'm writing stupid little fics in all my spare time. I just want to talk about it and watch it and reimagine it with people constantly. The only problem?

This new fandom is Mozart's Don Giovanni.

I've managed to find a grand total of five fics for it. Two of them were in German. I google translated them and read them anyway. (Also, one of them was totally a Doctor Who crossover because what sends Giovanni to hell? A moving statue!!!)

DW: Ten sees the world differently
...and this song is totally about the Doctor. I won't hear otherwise.

Now to see if anyone's made a vid with it.
19th-Sep-2011 12:18 pm - Hello again
Lost: Cannonball
I'm finally immersing myself in the internet after just dipping a toe in the water sporadically for more than two months.

I'm working on a Fright Night fan fic. (Oh my god Fright Night, thank you for being everything I wanted and more.)

I'm gonna go as far back in my flist as LJ will let me.

I've caught up on Doctor Who. (I was way more emotionally wrecked by the three most recent episodes than I expected to be.)

So, yeah, hi! How's it going? What have I missed?
13th-Jun-2011 12:16 am(no subject)
DW: Two and Jaime
Just spent like an hour trying to figure out the First Class kink meme situation. Am now giving up. Kink memes are so foreign to me. I cannot navigate them to save my life. I really wanted to find a prompt to fill but now I'm going to go off and lurk some more.

(After that I tried to upload a First Class icon but livejournal fought me. My obsession with this movie is being thwarted at every turn.)
12th-Jun-2011 06:55 pm(no subject)
DW: Ten sees the world differently
So, saw Super 8. I feel like J. J. Abrams really needs someone else to write his ideas for him, otherwise they lack emotional depth. Also, maybe he could learn that if an audience is getting bored slapping some lens flare on a scene will not recover their interest.
7th-Jun-2011 12:10 pm - Doctor Who: A Good Man Goes to War
DW: Ten sees the world differently
CALLED IT!!! (Along with half of the internet, I know. But I can still be pleased, can't I?)

Delayed reactions under hereCollapse )

Is it September yet? I want what happens next.
6th-Jun-2011 11:42 pm(no subject)
Calvin&Hobbes: Yay
I saw X-Men: First Class yesterday. I was apprehensive for the first thirty minutes or so, as I was worried it wouldn't cohere into an actual plot and it suffered a bit from origin-story-syndrome. (On a re-watch I realized the first X-Men movie didn't have this problem, and became even more impressed by it, despite the few awkward ways it's aged.) But then it suddenly got awesome. I was so engaged by the end of that film. I cared about everyone. But really, let's be honest, I cared about Charles and Erik, and their beautiful, tragic friendship. And the way they are totally shippable. (I'm going to scour the internet for all of the fanworks right after this, but if you've got any recs I'd be glad to hear 'em.)

The casting was phenomenal.
I wish Banshee had been Irish. And Moira MacTaggert Scottish (and you know, resembled the character in the comic books.)
The cameos in this film were priceless.
The opening of the film was clever, and it made me really happy to see them acknowledging movie continuity like that.

(Is it just me, or has it become more acceptable for movies to have multiple endings since Return of the King? First Class had at least three endings--not that I'm complaining. I have to do more research into this phenomenon.)

Yeah... it was great. I can't wait to see it again.

Also: I haven't watched A Good Man Goes to War yet. I will in the next twenty-four hours. I promise.
9th-May-2011 11:26 pm(no subject)
TOS: Red Shirts
So, uh, I have a tumblr now. I am suitably embarrassed by it, don't worry. If you want to add me I'm scifihobbit. If you want to suggest silly tumblrs for me to spend time looking at I'm all ears.
2nd-May-2011 10:25 am(no subject)
Firefly: Bunk
I'm nearing the end of Mass Effect II. And all of the sudden I ship Joker/EDI like burning. She "enjoys the sight of humans on their knees." Suddenly all my brain wants is smut fic of her talking dirty to him. (I mean, who doesn't want to imagine Tricia Helfer talking dirty?) Argh, I want to finish the game so I can go find all of fic. There are so many interesting pairings... it's all gonna be Shep/random NPC, isn't it?

Also, Mayor Carcetti as Littlefinger last night? Everything I hoped for and more. (Holy shit you guys, I just realized he played the lead on the British version of Queer as Folk. I need to get my hands on that immediately. This man is awesome.) I'll just leave this here.

ETA: Patrick Stewart, Ian McKellan, and David Tennant are all going to be on stamps. Man I wished I lived someplace it would be practical to buy these.
1st-May-2011 03:04 pm(no subject)
Lotr: lifestyle choice
Lee Pace is playing Thranduil in The Hobbit!!! I love Lee Pace because of The Fall. This should be pretty excellent. Even if he is playing a stupid elf. I guess that's the role David Tennant was rumored for, wasn't it? Despite how great it would've been to have two Doctors in one movie this casting choice is just as good I'd say.

Peter Jackson on the casting, from the link:
"I’m also pleased to announce that Lee Pace will be playing the Elven King Thranduil. Casting these Tolkien stories is very difficult, especially the Elven characters, and Lee has always been our first choice for Thranduil. He’s going to be great. We loved his performance in a movie called The Fall a few years ago, and have been hoping to work with him since. When we were first discussing who would be right for Thranduil, Lee came into mind almost immediately."

EEEEeee, now I'm just all kinds of fangirly cuz he wanted to cast him because of his work in The Fall.

Please excuse me while I squee over in this corner.
27th-Apr-2011 10:33 am(no subject)
Community: Jealous
Pics from Community's season finaleCollapse )

OMG OMG OMG. I am so excited.

Pics stolen from this post over at community_tv.
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